Elementor #371

With so many films about Hatha yoga how is your film going to be different? The idea of making this film evolved over the last ten years as I saw the widespread confusion surrounding the term ‘Yoga’, the growing pressures of commercialisation and how this is leading to the slow degeneration of the practices taught […]

Hashtag Yoga

Hashtag Yoga Forty-four million posts showing varied states of acrobatics and gymnastics symbolise a steady decline of the term yoga. Worship of external achievement has the word tacked on to everything from nude to paddleboard and the name “Hatha Yoga” confused with a style rather than a science. How to bring clarity to the situation? It is this […]

Will the real Hatha Yoga please stand up?

Ever wondered if all that is being sold as Yoga is the real deal? Grumblings can be heard amongst the Elephant Journal community. Blogs deal with issues contributing to widespread confusion about Hatha Yoga. Everything from Instagram ‘Yoga porn’ and overly sexualised ‘Neo-tantra’, to what’s often missing from a Yoga class, the pitfalls of the […]

New documentary film sheds light on ancient yoga wisdom

In the Bay Area, yoga classes are ubiquitous, with an endless array of offerings for modern yogis. The hashtag #yoga can be found 44 million times on social media, and while the proliferation of yoga is, of course, wonderful, it’s westernization also points to a slow degeneration of original yogic traditions, which are more about […]

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