With so many films about Hatha yoga how is your film going to be different?

The idea of making this film evolved over the last ten years as I saw the widespread confusion surrounding the term ‘Yoga’, the growing pressures of commercialisation and how this is leading to the slow degeneration of the practices taught in its name. I saw the great potential of a film that opened up a window on the original traditions and their holistic practices through the words and experiences of authentic practitioners.

Our story begins in Nepal at the heart of the Pashupatinath temple where Goraknath, one of the forefathers of Hatha yoga opened up the practice in the 11th or 12th

centuries. He believed that yoga and the pathway to spirituality it provides should be

accessible to people from all walks of life. In the course of the film we travel around

the world and meet various practitioners of the spiritual arts, and hear their insights

on what is most important to the practitioner today.

Our goal is to inspire our audience to take a deeper look into the origins of yoga, to

gain a better understanding of the true potential of the yogic journey and how it can

extend far beyond the physical practice. The film explores this holistic practice and

shows how Hatha Yoga evolved as a Tantric Science; Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath

and the rest of the eighty four great Siddhas (Adepts) were all Tantrika Gurus. They

practiced a Hatha Yoga interwoven with the process of worship, a dimension largely

absent from the contemporary practice of yoga in both India and the West.

This is a film about what is available to those seekers who wish to delve deeper and

uncover the ancient secrets that still apply tin the world today.

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