AGNIYOGANA is a meditative inquiry into the lost art of classical Hatha Yoga. Offering an experiential collage of action and stillness, light and darkness, sound and silence, AGNIYOGANA explores the richness of traditional Hatha Yoga teachings.

AGNIYOGANA takes the viewer on a journey through time and space to rediscover the inner dimensions of Hatha Yoga and the true meaning of “yuj,”(yoga).

Our documentary film begins with a visual and aural initiation. The journey inward then explores the key requirements of Hatha Yoga: Firmness of mind; the importance of faith; the necessity of a qualified teacher; skillful moderation; the methods to restrain the senses; and the practice of universal equanimity.

Throughout the film we examine the microcosm of the internal self in relation to the macrocosm of the elements, seasons, time of day, and other external forces of nature. The narrative is woven together through commentary, wisdom, and insight from those who continue to uphold and live by the ancient ways of yoga. Throughout, AGNIYOGANA offers rarely seen glimpses of traditional Hatha Yoga practices as expressed by modern day yogins.

AGNIYOGANA is a meditation.

Director’s Statement

AGNIYOGANA, the film’s title, refers to the yoking of one’s own inner fire. This inner fire is what transmutes and transforms every living being so they may become more fully awake, vibrant, and alive.

The commentary on the Vedas known as the Satapatha Brahmana states: Then…when about to speak the morning prayer, he yokes the fire altar…and when yoked, he obtains all wishes.” (9:4:4:1). So how does one yoke the fire to obtain our wishes for ourselves and humanity? This question is the basis for my lifelong inquiry into Hatha Yoga.

As I studied the classical texts and systems of Hatha Yoga, and travelled the globe meeting those who were adept in the traditional forms, I saw the great potential of a film that illuminated the holistic practices of Hatha Yoga through the words and experience of authentic practitioners.

We needed to go back to the roots. To reveal these traditional practices to others so they may be remembered and once again shared with a world in need. To light the fire of inquiry in the next generation of spiritual aspirants.

The tagline of AGNIYOGANA, “Lower the Head and Invoke the Fire,” is an invitation to bow to the fire within each of us. 

Emma Balnaves, April 2019

Dr. Robert Svoboda
Dr. Robert SvobodaAuthor, Speaker, Teacher and Practitioner of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Tantra and allied subjects
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“Control of fire is what makes us human, and yoking that fire judiciously is what permits us to transcend our human limitations. The many varieties of yoga all entail transmutation of our inner fire. As today’s world relentlessly commodifies everything it touches, including yoga, the need for reminders of what yoga really is, and how it can transform lives in our urban jungles, becomes ever more critical. Fortunately, as this film illustrates, genuine traditions still exist, and serious individuals still follow them, as can anyone who is willing to invest the time and energy to awaken and cultivate the fire within.”
NamarupaCategories of Indian Thought
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There are many films about Hatha yoga— how is your film different? The idea of making this film evolved over the last ten years as I witnessed widespread confusion growing around the term ‘Yoga’, and how increased commercial pressure and was leading to slow degeneration of the practices taught in its name. I saw the great potential of a film that illuminated yoga’s original traditions and holistic practices through the words and experiences of authentic practitioners.
Carole Migalka
Carole Migalka@carole_migalka
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“Forty-four million posts showing varied states of acrobatics and gymnastics symbolise a steady decline of the term yoga. Worship of external achievement has the word tacked on to everything from aerial to paddleboard and the name "Hatha Yoga" confused with a style rather than a science.”
Shri Sahajananda
Shri SahajanandaBased on’ Shri Sahajananda’s Hatha Yoga Manjari
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“The scholar may tell you the meaning of the word, but it is the Guru that will take you to experience the meaning of the word since it lives in him while it is devoid within the scholar”



Darin Betro
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I sat there watching Agniyogana spellbound. From the first moment when Shandor's resonating voice began, the shot of the clouds and the running water pierced straight through me. I enjoyed the structure of the film, with each of the steps being made so clear as well. Overall for me it was a brilliant experience and I actually look forward to seeing it again for another exposure to pick up some more of the detail.
Lara Damiani@think_films_
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How absolutely magical to see this incredible project come together - the vision, music and sound. Congratulations to Emma and her team on an amazing effort making this film which has been a wonderful insight into a fascinating world.
Glen Casey
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AgniYogana is a visual masterpiece capturing the extraordinary lives and oldest traditions of Yoga through the eyes and words of the worlds most knowledgable teachers. Incredibly moving and deeply informative, AgniYogana has given us a glimpse into where yoga has lost its way in the west, but how the tradition has been protected and preserved in the east. Hopefully this film creates a barometer and a guiding light for teachers and students of this timeless lineage to work within.
Gary Mills
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Agniyogana is energizing and inspiring. It expresses the essence of real Yoga through beautifully filmed sequences of scenery and imagery, narration, and thoughtful interviews. It breathes and has good rhythym throughout it’s journey.
Krishna Das@krishnadasmusic
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This film is a stunningly beautiful, inspiring, revelatory journey into the deep roots of Yoga. It sheds light on the foundational truths that we need to embrace in order to live a life that is in harmony with the Universe inside and out.
Juliette Saleshttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm0758118/
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As a French screenwriter, with over 15 scripts brought to the screen, I am writing regarding "Agniyogana", written and directed by Emma Balnaves. I would like to express my support for this film which explores the richness of the Hatha yoga tradition, the daily traditional practices and how this ancient art can be realized today. Emma takes us on a journey that speaks to, and touches, us all. Yogini or not. This is because she has made a movie about life. How to experience and respect this sparkle of energy that has been passed on to us, with as much awareness as possible. I therefore can only recommend "Agniyogana" to the attention of all distributors and exhibitors worldwide.
Maya Smeloff
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Stunning and Inspirational. After watching this movie, I immediately wanted to see it again. The movies visual and music together engulfed my senses. The unique coverage of different spiritual practices, allows the viewer to have a deeper understanding of the practice and expanse of yoga.
Sanzey Family
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One hour of deep insight into the true path of yoga with precious advices and informations for anyone interested or experienced in yoga. The attention to details is present through the whole journey and add to the richness of the experience. Very beautiful and inspiring!

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Thursday Feb 06, 7:30pm

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Wednesday Feb 26, 6:30pm

Palace Cinemas Byron Bay

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Thursday Mar 19, 8:00pm

Hoyts Erina

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Moore Park

Thursday Apr 3, 6:30pm

Hoyts Cinema Paris

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Wednesday Feb 05, 6:30pm

Majestic Cinemas Sawtell

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Wednesday Feb 19, 6:30pm

Dendy Opera Quays

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Thursday Mar 19, 6:30pm

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Wednesday Feb 05, 6:30pm

Dendy Cinemas Coorparoo

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Thursday Feb 27, 6:30pm

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Thursday Feb 06, 6:45pm

Cinema Nova

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Monday Feb 24, 6:30pm

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Tuesday Jan 28, 7:00pm

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Tuesday Jan 28, 7:00pm

Cineplex Yonge-Dundas and VIP

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Tuesday Jan 28, 7:00pm

Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Cinemas

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Camden Town

Wednesday March 25, 06:30pm

Odeon Camden Town

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Covent Garden

Wednesday Sept 4, 6:30pm

Odeon Covent Garden

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Thursday Feb 06, 8:00pm

Odeon Bracknell

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

16:00, Friday, 14 February

ZOA Theatre, 1 Daniel Frish Street.

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DE Houten

Province Utrecht

2pm, Sunday, Jan 19, 2020

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Thursday Jul 23, 6:30pm

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket


Friday Dec 13, 6:30pm

Monterey Cinemas Howick

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Monday Dec 09, 6:30pm

The Bridgeway

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Thursday Dec 12, 6:30pm

Event Cinemas Tauranga

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Wednesday Dec 11, 6:30pm

Hoyts Riccarton

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Havelock North

Thursday Dec 12, 6:30pm

Event Cinemas Havelock North

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Wednesday Dec 18, 6:18pm

Suter Gallery

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Wednesday Mar 25, 8:15pm

Event Cinemas Whangarei


New Plymouth

Thursday Dec 12, 6:30pm

Event Cinema New Plymouth

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Te Rapa

Tuesday Dec 10, 6:30pm

Hoyts Te Awa The Base

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Wednesday Jan 08, 6:30pm

Regal Market Place 10

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Wednesday Dec 04, 6:30pm

Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAX

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Los Angeles

Wednesday Nov 20, 6:30pm

Cinemark 18 & XD

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Wednesday Oct 23, 6:30pm

Cinema: UA Berkeley 7

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South Carolina


Thursday Mar 19, 8:00pm

Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 & RPX

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Port Orange

Wednesday Jan 08, 6:30pm

Regal Pavilion Stadium 14

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Wednesday Feb 26, 6:30pm

Regal Avalon 12

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Monday May 11, 6:30pm
Regal Dole Cannery Stadium

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Tuesday Jan 28, 6:30pm

Regal Webster Place 11

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Wednesday Dec 18, 8:00pm


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Wednesday Nov 27, 6:30pm


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New York

Friday, 26 June, 6:30pm

New York

Monday Dec 02, 8:00pm

Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX

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Thursday Nov 07, 6:30pm

Regal Fox Tower Stadium

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Thursday Jan 09, 6:30pm

Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 & RPX

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Wednesday Jan 08, 6:30pm

Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinemas

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Carrer de Girona

Friday, Jan 17, 2020

Cinemes Girona
175 Carrer de Girona
08037 Barcelona

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7pm, Thursday, April 23rd

Kadikoy Theatre (Kadıköy Sineması)

Further screenings and distribution details are currently being added.
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Director/Producer Emma Balnaves
Editor Lindi Harrison, ASE
Composers Marihiko Hara, Ryuichi Sakamoto
Executive Producers Judy Yu, David Lipsius, Emma Balnaves
Associate Producer Alexandra Gilbert
Assistant Editor/Online Editor/Colourist Danny Phillips
Sound Design/Editing/Mix Carlos Manrique Clavijo, Tom Heuzenroeder
Copy Editor John Evans
Production Consultant Katrina Lucas


Principal Cinematography Umut Gunduz, Drew Stansbury
Additional Cinematography Tarun Jasani, Emma Balnaves
Nepal Sound Assistant Alexandra Gilbert

South Australia

Studio Yoga Shoot Hendon Studios
Cinematography 1st Dop Chris Hertzfeld, 2nd Dop Umut Gunduz
Gaffer Richard Rees-Jones
Trailer Editor Tania Nehme

Translators Champa Hundrup, Bharat Giri Ratna (Tibetan), Soni Mainali (Nepalese)
Transliteration of Interviews Champa Hundrup (Tibetan) Mila Productions (Nepalese)
Subtitles Jampa Monlam (Tibetan) Jorgen Gazmere (Nepalese)
Graphics Abra Remphrey (Detour Design)

Shiva Samhita translated into English by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu


Director / producer

Emma Balnaves is the producer and director of AGNIYOGANA and an internationally respected teacher of the traditional forms and philosophies of Hatha Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 1998.

Emma was introduced to yoga in her early teens when she became intrigued by the mystery of the practices and the feelings they evoked inside her. After studying visual communication, majoring in photography at university, and working in the creative arts in Sydney, New York, and London, Emma committed herself to a life of teaching yoga. Her early training began with a rigorous three-year apprenticeship at the Hatha Yoga Shala in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.

After decades of in-depth study and research in yoga, Ayurveda, and other internal arts, Emma began incorporating the full spectrum of the yogic process in her teaching. AGNIYOGANA is her first film. She was inspired to create AGNIYOGANA as a way to share the essence of these teachings and bring greater understanding to all aspects of the practice.

Emma is the author of three publications, “Nataraja – the Lord of Multiple Forms,” “Yoga for Women,” and “Seasonal Mandala”. She is co-founder and director of Shadow Yoga (a form of classical Hatha Yoga) and Nṛtta Sādhanā. Emma resides in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and teaching partner, Shandor Remete. shadowyoga.com


Lindi Harrison is a highly acclaimed editor of award-winning Documentary, Drama and Arts programs for local and international broadcast and cinema release. She has edited a range of award winning feature length documentaries and has been nominated for several awards, including an AACTA Award for Best Editing in a Documentary.

Danny Phillips is an editor and colourist with over 15  years experience as a post-production professional. He has worked both nationally and internationally on projects ranging from small scale 3 minute micro-documentaries, to fully funded television broadcast series.

Carlos A. Manrique Clavijo is a sound designer who has worked in several award-winning productions including fiction, documentary and predominantly, animation.

Tom Heuzenroeder is a Primetime Emmy Award nominated sound designer and has worked in film and television sound post-production for over 20 years in Australia and abroad. He ran a studio in Adelaide writing and recording music for commercials and corporate productions before turning to feature films and establishing a sound facility at the South Australian Film Corporation. He has been recognized for his sound design work with an AFI award and the Australian Screen Sound Guild’s Andrew Plain Award for Best Film Sound Design.


Marihiko Hara is a composer residing in Kyoto, Japan. His main interest is to compose serene silence in music and to pursue his own texture of sounds, through electric/acoustic sounds and field recordings.

Our friend, Ryuichi Sakamoto, created a new piece of music for this film.


Umut Gunduz is a UK based filmmaker. He has worked as a director, editor and cameraperson for major broadcasters (CA, BBC) and various international companies and organisations.

Chris Herzfeld is a filmmaker and the founder of Camlight Productions, specializing in high quality imagery. He was the cinematographer and co-Producer of the short film “Alistair’ and has worked on five feature films.

Drew Stansbury is a multidisciplinary digital producer with more than 20 years experience in bringing digital products to life. He is an Executive Producer for ‘I’m Content’.

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